Towards Action And Learning

TAAL has created an enabling environment for communities by linking them to their context to explore holistic (rather than isolated) solutions by leveraging knowledge, building synergies and convergence with stakeholders.

TAAL is a not-for-profit, secular civil society organization working in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh since 2003 with the poor and marginalized communities by focusing on people-centric participatory interventions for their sustainable development.

Our Vision

TAAL envisions society as, learning communities that promote a bottom-up, holistic and integrated approach with appropriate interventions to long-term sustainable development, in the process helping generate wisdom across generations.

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Our Work


TAAL | Water Governance

Constitutional amendments (73rd & 74th) enable acess to institutions of local governance in urban and rural areas.

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TAAL | Rights based perspective

TAAL engages with stakeholders in compliance with Indian Laws, Guidelines and India's International commitments.

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Climate Adaptive Livelihood

TAAL | Climate Adaptive Livelihood

Communities with right enabling conditions can sustain natural resources to achieve livelihood security.

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